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Mission Location


Our New Location in the Mission District

Our Mission location will be a non-profit preschool to help support our community in many ways. We will strive to offer universal preschool for families that need the support from their community to enroll their child into a quality childcare in a diverse environment. As a nonprofit we will aim to  support our educators and their families with benefits that will help them feel secure about their future and their families. 

Banana Fana Preschool is where children and educators will be growing together. A place where children will explore and grow together like a small garden. Banana Fana Preschool is steps away from a community garden and students will get the opportunity to watch plants grow while they too are growing.   We will thoughtfully layout our educational sections within the space so it can  provide the children with a set of ways to grow - through reading, dramatic play, manipulatives,  gross motor movement, etc. Just like some plants require shade while others require full sun, some activities require more focused attention, while others are for letting out energy and creativity. The layout of the space will help shape these specific environments.

We are a supportive preschool

We believe that every child should have an opportunity to feel part of a community. We are commited to serving children and their families with diverse developmental needs. We value our  future generation and want to help them to understand their peers. Inclusion gives children a sense of belonging and offers them security that they are valued for their abilities and encouraged to continue. At Banana Fana Preschool, we are committed to support families that need extra support with their child. If needed, we will work closely with Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) from the school district and family directly. We will have an onsite family coach to also help support families.

 At Banana Fana Preschool, we are committed to support all families.  Our diverse classroom is one in which both the students, educators  and families are accepting of all people, regardless of their race, culture, religion, etc.

501c3 Pending


 We are a play-based supportive Spanish Immersion preschool and focus on school readiness in an organic way which encourages children to learn at their own developmentally appropriate pace. We value trust, safety, communication, diversity, and security.

Growing children need support  with their social emotional development. Social emotional development is an important component in our program that prepares our students for school readiness. Preschool social-emotional skills include being able to get along and cooperate with others, focus attention, manage strong feelings, and persist at challenging tasks. These skills deserve focused attention during the preschool years because they are critical for long-term school and life success.

Our school is located in the Heart of The Mission District of San Francisco. In The Mission a.k.a La Mission, there is a lot of sunlight, art, culture, restaurants and playgrounds for our community and where children will be immersed in the Latino/a Hertiage.  Our school is located at the corner of 23rd and Folsom with plans to design a meaningful mural inside our classroom. Just like every mural in the Mission, this mural represents our past, our present and future-Children.



Research shows that young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language and there are many developmental benefits that arise from learning language at a young age. Teachers  provide opportunities for all the children to learn and engage with Spanish. For children who are already exposed to Spanish, our team will speak Spanish about 90-100% of the time with those children. For children who are not previously exposed to Spanish, we will start off with Spanish yet translating in English. Once the children have been exposed to the Spanish language more, our team will speak "El Español" to the students .


Our In-School Services

- Kristina Gonzalez, EdS, LMFT is our school's "parenting coach"  and will provide coaching and guidance around difficulties related to parenting or childhood behaviors and emotions. 

- Support for city resources for families  (Museum for all information) 

- Support for city funding information

-More to come


Our Hours & School Calendar

We Follow SFUSD school calendar 2021-2022


  • August 24th- 26th – Staff Orientation 

  • August 30th-  Projected First Day of School (MAY CHANGE)

  • Sept 6th   Labor Day

  • Oct 11th    Indigenous People's Day/ El Dia De La Raza

  • Nov 11th    Veteran's Day

  • Nov 22-26th Thanksgiving Recess 

  • Dec 20th- Jan 3rd   Winter Recess

  • Jan 3rd- Staff Development Day

  • Jan 17th    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Feb 21th    President's Day

  • Mar 29- Apr 2nd  Spring Recess (PENDING)

  • May 30-    Memorial Day

  • June 28-July 9th Summer Break (PENDING)

Our Floorplan Vision

(subject to change)

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Upcoming Events

  • Summer BBQ Fundraiser!
    Time is TBD
    San Francisco
    Time is TBD
    San Francisco, 2701 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
    Come and meet our Director and some of our amazing Staff! All proceeds will be donated to Banana Fana Preschool