Admissions Process

Temporary process yet personal ;)

  1. Explore our website and absorb our material to see if we are a right fit for your family

  2. Community and Communication is an important pillar in our school. Please contact Gloria at with "Mission Location" in subject. Please share with me about your family's needs and expectations and a bit about yourself (ex- favorite thing to do during COVID and a bit about your child ex-DOB/AGE, allergies). 

  3. A phone call or Zoom call with Gloria to learn more about our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy (this is when you will get a chance to reserve your space and join our waitlist)

  4. Be willing to visit our school during an open house in the Summer with other families joining us for our opening day!

Tuition & Fee Schedule

Toddler Program | Ages 2yr-3.4yrs | 8:15am-3:15pm
5 days a week- $2200
4 days a week- $1850
3 days a week- $1500
2 days a week- $1200

Preschool Program | Ages 3.5yr-6yrs | 8:15am-3:15pm
5 days a week- $2000
4 days a week- $1700
3 days a week- $1400
2 days a week- $1050

AFTER SCHOOL CARE UNTIL 5:00pm, Fridays pick up will be at 4:30pm for Staff meetings 
5 days a week- $350/m
4 days a week- $250/m
3 days a week- $150/m
2 days a week- $75/m

Tuition is due every 24th of the Month (ex: Jan 24th, Feb 24th). We use Brightwheel for payments. Tuition rates are subject to change. 

Non-refundable enrollment fee (applied towards first month) $0-350
Annual Material Fee (Every 1st of September) $250

We will attempt to offer IN-SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIPS all year around for all families that need financial assistance to afford Banana Fana Preschool. Our program will also work closely with First 5 and OECE to be part of the Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) program (our Ingleside location accepts ELS vouchers) Please email to learn more about our scholarships and what our steps are and how to qualify.  Families that work for the City Of San Francisco (EX- SFMTA & SFUSD families and other essential workers) are encouraged to apply. Families earning less than $210,000/yr are encouraged to apply!