Bilingual Teacher Assistant

Hi! My name is Wendy,
I grew up in a small and loving family of four. My family comes from Guatemala and I have been raised in the Bayview district in San Francisco. In 2017, I graduated Abraham Lincoln High school and ever since I have been a student at Skyline College finishing up my General Education and majoring in Vet Tech. I hope to soon attend Carrington College Vet Tech program and complete school in about two years or less.
I love animals but I also have lots of love for children. I enjoy teaching students the importance of not only taking care of themselves but to take care of their friends as well by sharing, looking out for one another and using lots of teamwork.
I like to encourage them to use their creativity to think outside the box when it comes to any activity such as using their imaginations to use rocks as dinosaur bones in order to create a dinosaur skeleton. One of the reasons I love being a part of the wonderful Banana Fana Preschool program is because it exposes students to a creative, fun and safe learning environment. Students do not only get the opportunity to thrive and grow in the program but they also get the chance to learn about things that will benefit them for the rest of their lives such as practicing hygiene, learning to pick up and making choices after themselves and most importantly caring for others. 



Bilingual Teacher Assistant and Chef

Hello, my name is Elizabeth
-More to come soon-



Staff Support and Floor Supervisor

Hello! My name is JESSE...


I was born in Durango City,  a beautiful town in Mexico City. When I came to San Francisco, I taught in a Bilingual in-home preschool as a teacher assistant.  As a teacher  here, I help nurture and care for the children while teaching them Spanish. At Banana Fana Preschool, I love my position as a Bilingual teacher  because everyday is so unique and different. The children make me and my team  happy and they learn from us and we learn from them everyday.


Being at  Banana Fana is like my second home!



Bilingual Teacher Assistant

Hi my name is Michelle Garay.


My family came from Mexico but I was born and raised in San Francisco. My first language was Spanish and as I went to school here I learned English, and I’m now fluent in both languages. I grew up in the Mission district but recently moved out to San Bruno. I went to elementary, middle and high school here in San Francisco but am currently attending Skyline College in San Bruno. I’m now in my third year of college and soon will be transferring to San Francisco State next year, fall 2021. I will be graduating from Skyline College with a Psychology degree and once I transfer I will major in Social Work.


I love to help others, especially the younger generation. I enjoy helping children grow, help behavior aspects and teaching them independence. I would like help guide each and every child into the right path. I love Banana Fana Preschool because it has a kind and loving environment where children have a lot of opportunities to grow.