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Sofia Radchik

Pre-K Teacher (ages 4+)

Hi! My name is Wendy,



Bilingual Teacher Assistant and Chef

Hello, my name is Elizabeth
-More to come soon-



Staff Support and Floor Supervisor

Hello! My name is JESSE...


I was born in Durango City,  a beautiful town in Mexico City. When I came to San Francisco, I taught in a Bilingual in-home preschool as a teacher assistant.  As a teacher  here, I help nurture and care for the children while teaching them Spanish. At Banana Fana Preschool, I love my position as a Bilingual teacher  because everyday is so unique and different. The children make me and my team  happy and they learn from us and we learn from them everyday.


Being at  Banana Fana is like my second home!

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Atzhiri Napoles

Bilingual Teacher Assistant

Hi my name is Michelle Garay